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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000007182 Installationminorassigned (k1mu)2016-11-13GCC invalid conversion in openssl_cert.cpp
  00000673   Installationminorresolved (k1mu)2016-11-11Fails in compile
  000006633 Log signingmajorresolved (k1mu)2016-11-11Error: Database error: Invalid argument
  00000651   Installationmajorresolved (k1mu)2016-11-11Error compiling in Debian Jessie
  00000622   Log signingfeatureresolved (k1mu)2016-11-11accept Submodes as defined by ADIF 3.0.4
  00000702   Installationminorresolved (k1mu)2016-11-11build fails on tqsl.cpp.o
  00000633   Certificatesminornew2016-02-07Incorrect signing passphrase when renewing gives "NO ERROR"
  00000681   Log signingmajorresolved (k1mu)2016-02-06Callsign Certificate password prompt window should be "always on top"
  00000691   Installationminorresolved (k1mu)2016-02-06Installs translation files it shouldn't
  0000064    Log signingcrashnew2014-11-19Error accessing TQSLLIB2.DLL functions since version Trsuted QSL 1.14
  00000312   Certificatesfeatureresolved (k1mu)2014-02-26prevent digital signing with a superceded callsign certificate (if not already implemented)
  00000092   Installationminorresolved (k1mu)2013-09-24Installer Option
  00000491   Help/Documentationminorresolved (aa6yq)2013-09-24update Quick Start and Release Note to describe expired certificates and their icons
  00000571   Command lineminorresolved (k1mu)2013-09-24Allow command-line user operations to separately request update checking
  00000421   Station setupfeatureresolved (kc2ywe)2013-07-29Implement certificate request upload feature
  00000481   Command lineminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-29Error message when command line "-h" is used
  00000501   Other/unknownfeatureresolved (k1mu)2013-07-29enable the user to quickly navigate to [^]
  00000511   Certificatesminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-29"Create a new Station Location" produces a confusing display
  00000521   Other/unknownfeatureresolved (k1mu)2013-07-29handle inconsistent custom ADIF mode mappings
  00000531   UI issuesminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-29on OSX, the Help window prevents Preferences from being selected in the File menu
  00000541   Certificatesminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-29TQSL shows two valid (unexpired) K1MK certs available for signing
  00000551   Log signingminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-2940m frequencies in Cabrillo files are erroneously rejected as out-of-range
  0000047    Certificatesmajorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-17P12 backups discard data
  0000012    Command lineminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-13allow the date range to be specified via the command line (Rick N5RB)
  0000045    Certificatesminorresolved (k1mu)2013-07-13Warn users when they specify end dates on certificate requests
  00000441   Station setupfeatureresolved (k1mu)2013-07-09Perform simple validation of the value of GRIDSQUARE
  00000432   Other/unknownmajorresolved (kc2ywe)2013-07-07Crash while exiting: free(sdbuf) in MyFrame::BackupConfig
  00000401   Other/unknownminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-26Preference tabs are too wide on OSX
  00000411   Other/unknownminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-26OSX Application menu 'preferences' doesn't work
  00000131   Log signingminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-25Add TQSL_IDENT record (or functional equivalent) to Gabbi file when a logging application signs using tqsllib
  0000027    Log signingminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-25File extension not saved for uploading
  00000241   Other/unknownminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-25Window positions are not saved
  00000281   Help/Documentationfeatureresolved (k1mu)2013-06-25Help engine can't handle full hyperlinks
  00000391   Command linemajorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-17"sign and upload" via the command line of an ADIF file that contains a QSO with an invalid callsign yields the wrong status T
  00000232   Command linemajorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-16wrong status code returned on upload via command line interface
  00000341   Other/unknownfeatureresolved (k1mu)2013-06-15Change default value of Call-Worked field when adding Cabrillo contest
  00000351   Other/unknownminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-15add a “diagnostic mode”
  0000038    Certificatesmajorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-15Certificate request creation hang
  00000331   Other/unknownfeatureresolved (k1mu)2013-06-15Requitre self-consistent FREQ/BAND values
  00000361   Uploadingminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-15Allow verbose cURL logging
  00000221   Certificatesminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-15Certificate Display problems
  0000025    Log signingminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-13Add filename to log main window when logs are signed
  0000030    Command lineminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-13Command line signing will not work unless location specified
  0000029    Other/unknownminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-13tqsl_verifyDataBlock error
  0000037    Other/unknownminorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-13Compilation errors on SuSE Linux
  0000026    Log signingmajorresolved (k1mu)2013-06-13Use of atoi() means that valid logs can't be parsed
  00000321   Help/Documentationmajorresolved (aa6yq)2013-06-07In the documentation of the "Create New ADIF file" function, mention that frequencies must be specified in MHz.
  00000211   Command linemajorresolved (k1mu)2013-04-10with no internet connection, attempt to upload via command line returned "TQSL Error"
  00000201   Command linemajorresolved (k1mu)2013-04-10new QSO erroneously uploaded with -a fail and duplicate QSO present
  00000081   Certificatesminorresolved (k1mu)2013-04-09Unnecessary password prompts
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